Call for Presentations

German Stata Conference 2024 zu Gast bei GESIS Mannheim

Am 6. (Workshop) und 7. (Conference) Juni 2024

Einreichung der Beiträge bis 15.01.2024

Presentation guidelines

Presentations topics may include

  • new community-contributed commands for model estimation, graphing, data management, results reporting, or other purposes,
  • new approaches for using Stata together with other software,
  • innovative use or evaluations of existing Stata commands,
  • new analytic methods of particular relevance to Stata users,
  • case studies of using Stata for applications in various disciplines, and
  • methods and resources for teaching statistics with Stata or for teaching the use of Stata.

Submitting your presentation

If you are interested in presenting, submit an abstract of no more than 200 words (ASCII text, no math symbols). Include a short, informative title. Indicate whether you wish to be considered for a 10-minute or 20-minute presentation (both to be followed by 5 minutes for questions). Presenters will be asked to provide the organizers with electronic materials (a copy of the presentation and any programs or datasets, where applicable).

Include your name, affiliation, and phone number. If your presentation has multiple authors, please identify the presenter.