STATGRAPHICS Online – Software as a Service

Are you taking advantage of the benefits of SaaS?

  • SaaS offers the greatest flexibility
  • SaaS is used at any location where Internet access is available

STATGRAPHICS Online offers these capabilities today! See SaaS in no other statistics package!

Problem: Users are increasingly anxious to be able to access statistical software anywhere, anytime, from any computer.

Solution: STATGRAPHICS Online provides a solution for those users who are using and accessing STATGRAPHICS usually via the network and from home or another location. STATGRAPHICS Online is a statistical package that runs within a standard Web browser. Just go to the corresponding website, and you have STATGRAPHICS available for you.

Ihre Ansprechpartner

Ihre Ansprechpartner
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Axel Holzmüller
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Ihr Ansprechpartner
für Enterprise Software

Alp Atayalp
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