Comment from the Stata technical group

Environmental Econometrics Using Stata is written for applied researchers that want to understand the basic theory of modern statistical methods and how to use them. It is also perfectly suited for teaching. Each chapter is motivated with real data and ends with a set of exercises. The book is also inherently interdisciplinary. The questions posed by environmental issues are relevant to researchers in the physical sciences, economics, sociology, political science, and public health, among other fields.

Each chapter begins with a real dataset and research question. The authors then provide a gentle introduction to the statistical method and demonstrate how to use it to answer the research question. The authors discuss the assumptions about the data and the model, demonstrate the Stata commands used to fit the model and check the model assumptions, and interpret the results. The workflow of the book mimics the workflow that would be required to present your results to an academic audience.

The book is of interest not only for its exposition of the topics but also for its breadth. The book presents estimators for continuous, binary, and ordered outcomes in cross-sectional data; univariate and multivariate time series with stationary and nonstationary data; linear and dynamic panel data; and spatial models and fractional integration. The range of methods is not arbitrary; it is a function of the questions posed by environmental data and reflects the challenges faced by researchers from different disciplines to answer a wide range of questions using modern statistical methods.