Lasso and related estimators for prediction

When: Wednesday, 18 September at 4:00 PM GMT (11:00 AM CT)
Description: Di Liu, Senior Econometrician and developer at StataCorp, introduces Stata 16’s new features for lasso and elastic net. In this webinar, Di will demonstrate how lasso and elastic net can be used for prediction with linear, binary, and count outcomes. Discover why these methods are effective and how they work.


Inference after lasso model selection

When: Thursday, 19 September at 4:00 PM GMT (11:00 AM CT)
Description: David Drukker, Executive Director of Econometrics, will introduce estimators that provide reliable inference after model selection. He will demonstrate how to use Stata 16’s new features for double selection, partialing out, and cross-fit partialing out to estimate the effects of variables of interest while using lasso methods to select control variables.


Nonlinear dynamic stochastic general equilibrium (DSGE) models

When: Tuesday, 8 October at 4:00 PM GMT (11:00 AM CT)
Description: David Schenck, Senior Econometrician, will show you how to easily fit, solve, and analyze nonlinear DSGEs using Stata 16’s new dsgenl command. Find out how you can obtain policy matrices, transition matrices, and impulse response functions for nonlinear models.