STATGRAPHICS Centurion – Features

These special STATGRAPHICS features guarantee the ease of use and meaningful presentation of results of STATGRAPHICS Centurion:

StatWizard™ The StatWizard helps you select the proper analyses for your data. You can search for desired statistics or let the wizard select analyses based on the type of data you supply.

StatAdvisor™ The StatAdvisor explains the significance of your statistical results. It creates a short paragraph or two in simple language, capturing the actual results of your analyses and indicating whether or not the tests are statistically significant.

  • StatLink™ StatLink links your analyses to one or more data sources so that the analyses update whenever the data change.
  • This makes it easy to create analyses that update dynamically. It also makes it simple to import data from programs such as Microsoft Access or Excel.
  • Six Sigma-Toolbox contains a complete set of tools for implementing Six Sigma programs. There’s even a special menu organized around the Six Sigma DMAIC paradigm.
  • The StatGallery™ places graphs side-by-side or overlays them to help compare multiple data sets. It lets you create displays that the designers never thought of.
  • The StatReporter™ organizes results for easy publication. You can copy all of your results into the reporter and save it in RTF format for import into Microsoft Word.
  • StatPublish™ This feature lets you save output for viewing in web browsers. It automatically creates HTML pages with imbedded images.
  • A StatFolios™ saves all of your analyses in one file so that they can be repeated whenever necessary. If the input data change, so will the results.

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