STATGRAPHICS – the ideal tool for quality control and design of experiments

STATGRAPHICS is a powerful data analysis software for engineers and developers working in the fields of quality assurance, experimental design and statistical data analysis. With more than 170 statistical analysis and graphics, it offers an excellent tool to these users.

STATGRAPHICS combines a broad range of statistical procedures with brilliant interactive graphics. Thanks to the intuitive user interface it is easy to learn and easy to use.

STATGRAPHICS is available in the following editions:

Latest version of STATGRAPHICS software package. It contains over 150 statistical procedures covering experimental design, statistical data analysis and quality assurance. […]

Statistics software for PocketPC and other mobile devices supporting Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Pocket PC 2003 […]

Online access to STATGRAPHICS via webbrowser. Your analysis is performed on the webserver while you receive the results as HTML in your browser. […]

Essential for quality managers

Unlike the most statistical software, STATGRAPHICS contains a complete Six Sigma-Toolbox for describing, measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling manufacturing and business processes using statistical methods..

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