STATGRAPHICS Mobile – statistical software for your PDA

Statgraphics Mobile

STATGRAPHICS Mobile includes a number of important statistical methods that have been specifically designed for Pocket PC, Pocket PC Phone Edition and other mobile devices running Windows Mobile 5 or Windows Pocket PC 2003.

Data Files
Data and analysis are stored in files with the extension . sgm. These include both the data and the properties of the columns, including the type of data, the preferred scaling, specification limits and distribution requirements. Data can be copied from MS Excel Mobile via the Windows clipboard into STATGRAPHICS Mobile.

Every procedure generates one or more panes including graphics and numerical results, which are designed specifically for the display on mobile devices. Both high-and landscape modes are possible. VGA output is supported.

Data Synchronization
If necessary, the data files are synchronized with STATGRAPHICS Centurion. Mobile Data can be entered both in STATGRAPHICS Centurion and in STATGRAPHICS, MS ActiveSync then updates the files on the other device.

Program documentation is in the form of PDF files, including a User Guide and additional files describing each statistical procedure. The documentation includes sample data files, equations, and worked examples.

Log files
Output may be saved in log files on your mobile device for later review or dissemination.

The STATGRAPHICS Mobile Assistant is a Windows application that is installed on your desktop or notebook computer at the same time that STATGRAPHICS Mobile is installed on your mobile device. It performs several functions, including converting session log files into RTF files for printing, copying output to other applications, reading documentation, and obtaining activation codes.

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